Solar Panels for Eco-Friendly Charging, Complete Installation Guide

Solar Panels for Eco-Friendly Charging, Complete Installation Guide
Solar Panels for Eco-Friendly Charging, Complete Installation Guide

BLUETTI’s portable power generator is now more environmentally friendly, even ready to be used to prepare for disasters. If you want to buy solar panels, we will give you a short guide.

How do solar panels “generate electricity from sunlight”? We often hear this term, but how do solar panels actually produce electricity? Solar panels consist of two types of semiconductors. Each semiconductor collects positive (+) and negative (-) electrons when exposed to sunlight and functions as a battery.

Although the principle is the same, solar panels have differences in terms of electricity production efficiency, output power, durability and compatibility. These are some factors for your consideration. Starting from charging smartphones and other devices, solar panels with a capacity of 10-50 W are still sufficient. However, a 100 W solar panel is recommended for charging a portable power generator.

Product durability is also an important thing to consider. Moreover, this product will be used outdoors. You should choose a product that is not only durable, but also able to withstand a sudden drizzle.
If you want to use solar panels, the ideal portable power station is the ideal product. You can not only use this product in good weather, but also in the rainy season and at night. Portable power sources are of various types. You just need to choose the capacity of the product that suits your application and purpose of use. However, the main factor is the safety aspect of the product. Among the various types of portable power sources, the safest products are those that use lithium-ion iron phosphate batteries.

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In fact, there is a trick to using solar panels. To maximize charging efficiency, as a first step, you can position the solar panel so that it faces the sun at the right angle. As time passes, the angle of exposure to sunlight changes. So, the position of the solar panel must be readjusted. It should be noted, you should avoid the position of the solar panel that is not exposed to sunlight. Even if a small part of the solar panel is covered in the shadow, its efficiency in producing electricity will decrease. For this reason, you need to find a way for sunlight to illuminate the entire surface of the solar panel. You also need to keep the solar panel clean and install it in an area with good air circulation.

BLUETTI, an industry leader that markets mobile power stations in more than 70 countries around the world, offers mobile power station products and solar panels that can be used as solar energy systems.
One PV120 solar panel unit can produce up to 120 W of electricity and can be used with EB3A/EB55/EB70S/AC60/AC180/AC200MAX. What’s more, one PV120 unit is able to charge the EB3A to full power in about 3.3 hours.

Different from 100 W or 200 W foldable solar panels, the BLUETTI PV350 can produce up to 350 W of electricity. In a day, the sun shines brightly only for a certain period. So, you are advised to save as much energy as possible when the sun is shining brightly.

When combined with the larger capacity AC200MAX, it is recommended that you connect 2~3 solar panels as a series.
The BLUETTI solar panel is equipped with a versatile MC4 cable. This cable can not only be used with BLUETTI mobile power stations, but also mobile power stations made by other manufacturers if the specifications match.
The BLUETTI portable power station uses the safest lithium-ion iron phosphate battery. These batteries are safe, reliable and durable. In terms of using the product for camping, overnight stays and disaster prevention, you must choose the safest product. So, the BLUETTI Portable Power Generator & Solar Panel system will definitely meet your expectations.

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